Fit Nation Thunderdome

Fitness competitions have made a name for itself as the ultimate test of both physical and mental fortitude, pushing contenders far beyond their previous comfort zones into new levels of athletic performance. Those individuals who actively participate in this rigorous sport become tough physically and mentally, strengthening their will to succeed after each rigorous workout. Our goal for FN Thunderdome brings athletes together to go head to head in an intense 2-day competition.

We hope to not only praise these athletes for all of their physical accomplishments, but to also inspire the rest of the community to strive for a healthy lifestyle. This event will be thrilling for both competitors and audience members alike, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Saturday, June 3rd – 8:00am | Sunday, June 4th – 8:00am
Venue: Lee Civic Center is the home to Fit Nation Thunderdome.